Having an insect infestation in your home is very annoying

Having an insect infestation in your home is very annoying. Some pests are very stubborn and hard to control.  Ants, in particular, may cause a lot of destruction to your food, furniture and other valuables in your store. When you notice their trail several on several occasions in the house or the bushes nearby, it is a clear sign that there are more of them. You should find the best remedies to control the ant invasion in your home before it is too late. We like All American Pest Control. You can contact them at https://www.pestcontrolsanfordfl.com/

The pharaoh ants are quite a headache to control since they keep changing their hiding places when disturbed and when they are looking for more food. The most challenging part about dealing with ants is that they breed very fast. In a span of a few weeks, the colonies multiply very fast and become more destructive as they move, looking for more food in your kitchen. Ants have a life span of about four months, and the period can vary depending on food availability and secure shelters. It is essential that you deal with the ants while their numbers are still low. Here are some of the best pest control for Pharaoh ants in Sanford Florida.

The pharaoh ants commonly feed on sugar and sugary food materials around your house. Leaving your kitchen sink dirty with some food particles and unwashed dishes increases their growth and reproduction. Taking proper cleaning and hygienic practices in your kitchen will be the most important way of fighting the pests in your home.

These ants often find their refuge in the humid and very warm areas in your home. Some often hide behind and under the cooker, in cracked walls, and around the bushes in your home. They hardly move during the day or when there is a lot of human movement in the kitchen. Their traits make it difficult to notice their infestation until they are too many of them.

Managing their invasion and killing requires some wisdom. Tracking their habitats is one of the most important ways of combating them. When the locations are identified, it is easy to place some food baits. Food baits are often made with some sugary chemicals which have sweet scents that attract ants from their hiding places. Boric acid is one of the best insecticides that can be mixed with some food and placed in their hiding areas and trails. When they smell the food, they will come out in large numbers and carry away the food to the rest of the colony. Most get to eat the poisoned food; hence they are killed.

The other useful pest control for Pharaoh Ants in Sanford Florida is using the ant gel. The gel is made up of some sticky and sugary solution. The poison solution is put in small drops along the ant trails and areas where they are hiding. When they eat the gel, they get stuck there and die. Some gel drops can be put in cracks and holes where they hide, and they will be buried in those areas.

Using whole cloves is one of the simplest sugar ant control method. The methods are mainly used to prevent ants from getting into your house. When you notice a lot of trails in your yard or the bushes, you can put some cloves around the house near the walls. The string smell form cloves is a repellant that drives the ants far from your house hence will not get into the house. When you get persistent ant problem in your home, it is recommendable you find the best pest control experts in Sanford Florida for spraying solutions.

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